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Review: Raised Awareness of Russell Silver Syndrome on Jeremy Kyle

Today’s Jeremy Kyle show on ITV1 features four children with various disabilities to raise awareness of each of their medical conditions.  One of these children is Mollie, a three year-old with Russell Silver Syndrome.   Her Mum, Kaya, chats to Jeremy about what life is like having a young child with RSS.

In an odd sort of way, it’s comforting to hear such a similar experiences that others go through with the syndrome.  I remember hearing about the stories of being ‘failure to thrive’, the insensitive comments and actions from some members of the general public like being touched or picked up like a doll.

Jeremy’s questioning of Mollie’s Mum was frank and sometimes close to the bone, though nothing parents or people with RSS haven’t been asked before. It was great that all parents the chance to promote their child rather than the disability.  And great for generating more awareness of Russell Silver Syndrome in general.

The RSS feature is about 14 minutes in you can watch the programme on ITV Player here until 30th July 2011 »
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Womans Own – Russell Silver Syndrome Article

On page 60 of either this week’s or last week’s edition of Woman’s Own there is an article about a couple with a daughter with Russell Silver Syndrome.   You can find the feature on and around page 60.

It doesn’t really tell us RSS-er’s anything that we don’t already know, but it’s always nice to see the profile of the syndrome raised.

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What do you think about the article?

RSS-Diagnosed Journalist Needs Your Help

Hi there! My name is Pete and I am an English freelance journalist and a RSS person. I have just finished my studies and am now entering the big wide world. for the first time. I’m on the look out for that elusive first job but as you can imagine competition for work is incredibly fierce.

I decided to set up an Audioboo account.  Audioboo is similar to Facebook but rather than uploading photos, you upload audio files (sound recordings). On my CV I mention that I have experience interviewing people and when I came across Audioboo an idea flashed into my mind. I hope to upload audio files of interviews I have conducted so that I can include a link to the site on my CV and employers can instantly find evidence of my interviewing ability.

This is where you come in!! I would love to interview a fellow RSSer over the phone and record it. The interview would be friendly and informal and could cover anything you like.

The following is a link to my Audioboo page and if you click on the ‘Welcome’ you will get an idea of what the site is all about: audioboo.com/peteguest.   If you would be interested in being interviewed please email me at peteguest59 [at] hotmail.com

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