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UK Growth Organisation Appoints RSS Adult Co-Ordinator


My name is Kim Taylor and I’m a 32 year old RSS adult, 4’3″ tall with no GH treatment.  I live in Scotland, UK.  I have recently been appointed RSS Adults Co-ordinator for the Child Growth Foundation (CGF).  My main aim in this new position is to raise the profile of RSS in teenage and adulthood.

I hope to help the CGF to take steps to organise research in RSS after childhood and to get these findings published for future reference.  I hope to encourage more interaction and support for RSS teens and adults through the CGF and also the TARSS group (teens and adults with russell silver syndrome) on Facebook.

If anyone has suggestions to help me in my new endeavours they would be very much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact me through this website, TARSS on Facebook or the CGF.