Going Under The Knife? Advice For Adult RSS People Undergoing Surgery

Having had numerous surgeries I have found that there are some issues relating to being RSS that need to be made known to the surgeon and anaesthetist prior to consenting to surgery.  The following points have been raised by myself and other RSS teens/adults:

  1. Make sure all medical staff are aware if you (the patient) has any hypoglycaemia issues, as fasting prior to surgery can cause problems.
  2. Make sure that the surgeon/anaesthetist is aware that having RSS you are more likely to have a smaller airway than an average adult so in case of an emergency etc, the medical staff need to have small enough/paediatric equipment to fit small windpipe etc .
  3. Some anaesthetists prefer to use spinal/epidural for operations but care needs to be taken when dosing a shorter person. Doctors need be very careful of the dosage of drugs in order that only the required area of the body is numbed.
  4. Footstools may be useful if the ward permits from a health and safety issue.
    As very often the beds do not go low enough to get on and off easily.
  5. If have any surgery which requires metal plates/screws etc, it is best to make sure the surgeon has the correct size for you as they may have to pre-order specialised ‘plates’ which will take time to arrive.

These points are only guidelines for undergoing surgery being an RSS patient.  Each RSS  person is different, has different circumstances, symptoms and needs.  You are strongly urged to have a discussion with your surgeon and anaesthetist well before your operation to ensure the best care is provided for you personally.


The above is provided as anecdotal advice from other people with Russell Silver Syndrome, please discuss any concerns you have about your surgery with your doctor/physician.

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