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Petite Ladies Shoes Page Updated

We’ve updated the Petite Ladies Shoe page on the website with a few of additional websites suggested from members of the TARSS group.  Also happy to announce that Nordstrom are now shipping to the UK. Yay!

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Fashion Alert – Dorothy Perkins Tunics

Dorothy Perkins Red Poppy Print Tunic

© Dorothy Perkins 2011

A friend of mine who works in the fashion industry has given me the heads-up on the latest fashions hitting Dorothy Perkins.   Tunics, the longer t-shirt/jumpers make great dresses for us petite ladies.  I’m particularly in love  with this Red Poppy Print Tunic (£32) from Dorothy Perkins.  Summer looks like it’s going to be colourful. Yay! Can’t wait until pay day!

Here’s the links to the rest of the beautiful tunics on sale:

Petite Fashion

As most people with dwarfism know, trying to find fashionable clothing and footwear that doesn’t include glitter or butterflies is a challenge in itself.

I’ve noticed that whenever I meet another small person we are always checking each other’s clothes and shoes out and asking ‘where did you get that?’ or ‘which shops do you buy your clothes from?’ to try and find that great piece of clothing or pair of shoes.  So Kim and I thought it would be a great idea to gather a list of the community’s favourite shops and stores where we buy petite clothing and shoes from.

And so the Fashion section has been born.  Kim and I asked the RSS community for the links of there favourite shops and stores where they can buy adult looking clothing and footwear in smaller sizes – many thanks to the people who contributed.

If there is any other shops/stores that sell petite clothing/footwear you think are worthy of a mention – please let us know and we’ll put them in the directory.  In the meantime – check-out the RSS People Petite Fashion section »
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